Saturday, February 12, 2011

¿Why to love the platypus?

     ¿So you want to know why I love the platypus so much? Besides being beautiful, of course. Well, I love the platypus because:
1. they're mammals but they lay eggs, as only the echidna does besides them (I guess I can also sympathize with the echidnas);
2. they're mammals but they're poisonous, so be careful with the two male's heels;
3. they're mammals but they don't have nipples for breastfeeding, they flow milk from the pores of the torso;
4. their sex is defined by ten chromosomes instead of two: ten X for females, five X and five Y for males;
5. they don't resemble anything in this world, except maybe the ducks or the beavers.
     This, obviously, assuming, as I don't get tired of checking, the eccentricities of anything are reason enough to love it.

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