Thursday, February 24, 2011


I like positivists. There, I said it, ¿everyone happy? I know it's an anachronism, but I can't help it. I like people who before starting to question the validity of empiricism, who before criticizing science as an institution, who before pointing the hegemonic interests relevant for the process of legitimation of knowledge, who before questioning the universality of the universe, make sure not to be talking with an obscurantist.
Positivism, with all its faults, tried to prevent the survival of the last vestiges of the Middle Ages. The problem is it failed, and the last medievalists cling in desperation to the theories that overcome positivism to justify themselves. Then, all of a sudden, any moron claims that the interpretation of facts is stronger than the facts and believes that proves as well that the law of gravity is just as demonstrable as the existence of God, then we must believe in both. ¿But do you want to know what's the truth? Because I do too.

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