Monday, February 28, 2011

Journey through the second dimension

I was messing around with the blog's design these past few days and the only change I found (sort of) necessary is the one I just did: expand the width of the page. Nine hundred pixels were too narrow in a wider monitor than mine, those so fashionable lately. Too much white space on the sides, made me nervous.
The good news is images will look bigger from now on (beacuse of this thing of mine to make them coincide with the column's width) and that I can name my posts more widely without fearing the double line, which always looks so ugly in a title (at least for the maniac who writes this).
The bad news is the new Blogger templates don't allow percentage width, so instead of establishing a width of a hundred percent (which would occupy the whole width of the screen regardless of screen size) I settled for a thousand pixels, which occupies most of my humble monitor of 1024, doesn't leave much emptiness in one of those pedants of 1360, and doesn't give a complete shit about any resolution narrower than a thousand. The other option would have been getting back to the classic template of my original design, but the Awesome one (the current one) is so cute it makes me want to hug it.

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