Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Keys to the easy life

     It seems appropriate that I, having a very useful and practical information, should share it with the world. They're a couple of very simple to abide basic rules that guarantee an easy life. I tried them myself, kind of, and attest that they work. I list them below in no particular order:
1. Complacency: Where your dreams and ideals come into conflict with the moral standards of common sense or the people around you, ignore the dreams and the ideals. Do not follow the desired course and under no circumstance confronte with authority.
2. Indecision: Relegate important decisions on others and do not object them. Learn their correctness and incorrectness criteria for later and automatic use in small daily decisions that can not be consulted.
3. Sublimation: Practice one or more activities that function as depositories of the anger and depression arising from the easy lifestyle, to stay sane and not disturbing peace.
4. Discrimination: Point at the people who do not respect these rules and make fun of them, to convince them to obey or to convince the obedient ones not to disobey.
Warning: Easy life is guaranteed, happiness may not happen.

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