Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bicós ai biliv ai can

     I'm sleepy. Thirty-nine hours awake by now. If I start talking nonsense let me know: I don't drink, so drowsiness is the only opportunity I have to say nonsenses. Well, to say nonsenses deliberately, because I always talk nonsense, but usually because before saying it I feel it is pure genius.
     ¿You know what I thought? I should make a parallel version of my Notepad, all in English. I guess that would expand a little the readership. But it would also feel like betraying Spanish, which is the most beautiful language in the world, mostly because the best thing of all time was created with it.
     Well, anyway, if you don't like the idea you better start complaining because the thing is already done and is called A sort of notepad (and you are actually reading it right now). Come on, it'll be me, a crapy translator and my desire to test my language skills. Basically I won't expand any content, I'll translate the entries done from now on (leaving untranslated the opening question and exclamation marks, because I'm a rebel), and perhaps some older entries as well. But I doubt it. The only thing I might add will be some translation notes at the untranslatable puns and other situations that require specific clarification. And here I stop, before I fall asleep in the middle of a sentence.

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