Saturday, March 19, 2011

The pendulum and the Mecha

A few days ago I said CODEAR "Perón" (you know, ¿right?, the Perón-themed video game contest) was going slow. And it might then be true, but now we have...

The rise and fall of Mecha-Perón
by Santiago Martín Vilar, Fernando Martínez Herrera and Nicolás Viegas Palermo
¡Oh, no! ¡A group of mad Japanese Peronist scientists (imagine the time it took me to put those adjectives in the right order) constructed a giant Mecha-Perón that, once gone mad and rebelled against its creators (as is only natural to happen), decides to destroy Tokyo!
Or perhaps, better put: "¡Oh, no! ¡You're a giant Mecha-Perón and a lot of aircraft and missile launchers want to ruin your perfectly legitimate desire to destroy Tokyo!". Mouse to shoot the eye lasers, Z to fire the hand-missile.

Evita and Perón against the gorillas
by Diego Essaya, Fabián García and Leandro Casadei
I already said about this one, so so far I have only to correct that what I said were national coats of arms in the game (possibly because of the low resolution and my lack of attention) are in fact PJ shields.

The peronaut pendulum
by Tomás Glasman
The most historic of those presented so far. In what possibly is one of the most acid and sadly true satires of Peronism, the player takes the place of Perón (in a parallel universe in which the Libertadora failed) trying to remain in power pleasing the movement's most varied sectors. Operating at discretion from the Rosy House, the basic unit (later left-winged Peronism's headquarters) and the Department of Labor (later Ministry), Perón tries to keep his voters in the working-class, in the Peronist armed organizations, in the business sector and the (implicitly) union bureaucracy. The game continues indefinitely until the player is overthrown or loses an election.

So that's all. Oh, and registration closes tomorrow and the voting starts.

(Note of March 20: I updated the links to the games' new versions and final versions. Oh, and I leave you Mejor que zozobre y no que fafalte, Revancha Zombie: unidos o dominados y Perón Rising: Choripán Commando, which were updated after I wrote this entry.)

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