Saturday, December 25, 2010

A very day

     Today is a very important day for everyone. Some may take me for an idiot, or try to attribute a certain segregative feel to this day of the year, wich has not. This day is a day of unity for people of all ideologies and beliefs who know to love and be loved, and who enjoy it, to express that love they feel that maybe it's hard to express the rest of the year. Today is the day we can all get together and celebrate a historical event of incalculable value, a birth like no other in the whole of humanity.
     Yes, my readers, you guessed it: today is my birthday. No, wait... My birthday was yesterday, the twenty-fourth. ¿Now what was it? ¡Of course, today is my father's birthday! No, no, my dad's was the twenty-third. But the twenty-fifth was something, ¿right? ¡Oh, yes! ¡Hellboy's birthday, how could I forgot!
     A day like today, sixty-six years ago, on the outskirts of an English church, Anung Un Rama was invoked in this world by the gloomy Rasputin, in an operation financed by Hitler that secretly hid much more destructive objectives of... Well, I don't remember the whole story, but it goes something like that.
     Although now that I think of it, Hellboy was born the twenty-third as well, so his birthday is already over. ¿Wasn't I told that something happened the twenty-fifth? Well, it's alright, surely it wasn't that important.

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